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Are you aware that 15% of the expense of your office goes into printing different types of documents? More often than not, many sheets of paper are waster because two or more persons mistakenly print the same document. You can avoid all these issue by gaining control and visibility of the document printing of your office, which allows you to boost productivity as well as save money. You can also avail of document security and improve the environment through managed printing. The term "printing" refers to the overall cost of optimising and managing your printers along with their output plus the processes and the people who support these devices. This includes:

- Pages produced by production print operations, mobile workers, as well as office workers

- Office high volume laser printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, multifunctional printers (those that contain printers, fax, and scanners in one unit), and desktop printers

- Papers and other materials such as cardboard sent out to other agencies for offset printing, silk screen printing, digital printing (also known as quick printing), followed by mailing as well as distribution

- IT Support help desk, maintenance, technical service along with mode, add, and change requests

- Ink, paper, toner, together with other consumables and supplies

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Cut down your printing costs

Add to this the above the actual costs of printing and the total amount easily add up to nearly 15% of the annual expenditure of your company. You can cut down on these costs by 30% or more with the help of a suitable managed print services uk company. By doing so, you outsource the print management services to them. The best among such companies do a lot more than just look after your printers. They also offer services such as:

- Conduct a comprehensive research to analyse your present printing infrastructure

- Monitor, manage, as well as optimise your overall print output, from start to finish, irrespective of the brand of your printer

- Provide a scheme to reduce the number of printing machines and its supplies without hampering the requirements of your business

- Identify and solve potential printing issues in a proactive manner and replenish the printing supplies to ensure that the printing work of your office is not affected

- Decrease your environmental footprint by printing the minimum quantity of paper, which reduces the energy spent by your company too. As a result, you play a massive result in protecting the environment as your company generates fewer greenhouse gases and helps you to keep waste away from landfills

- Provide secure and easy printing access to your mobile workers and telecommuters

- Checking the printing environment of your company on a regular basis and make use of ongoing process improvements to help you save both money and time

- Provide requisite training to your employees via change management to ensure that they are more productive and satisfied

- Provide information technology and network management integration, which includes platform support to solutions that are cloud based

Start saving time and money today with the experience of a reputable managed print services UK company.